153NEWS.NET – some may not have heard of this alternative video website, but for many it has become one of the few places to post content banned or removed from youtube and other online video sites, due to being branded as ‘fake news’ or ‘conspiracy theories’. While all the content there could not be taken at face value, just as with any other website, the majority of the videos on the 153news.net site had many solid facts not seen elsewhere. The website has been down in the past, but as of 3-22-2020, the 153news.net website contained a single page with this text message:

“To my brothers and sisters,

At roughly 12:00 midnight the 153news.net backend server went down.  I had to wait until morning to get eyes on the server rack.  My heart skipped as the server rack was empty and they left me with a glove and a video cable on the ground but the main backend server to 153news.net has been stolen.  No other servers on the racks were touched so this was a very high level job that was carried out against the world.  At this point I have no other servers that I can bring this back up with.  It is with a heavy heart that I have to say 153news.net is gone.  Consider the server compromised.  I do have a kill switch enabled for such an event but I have no way to ever know if it would work other than for a time like this.

This is about the 3/22 lockdown that is coming.  My brothers and sisters, I truly believe I was onto something with the ID2020 in the vaccine that is forthcoming.  I believe if you take this vaccine your DNA will be corrupted and that essentially all is lost.  Without this vaccine they are going to isolate you and stop you from buying and selling.  Things are adding up.

All glory to God, YHWH.  It is by His hand and His power that we did what did and awakened as many as we awoke.  There is only 1 name under heaven by which you may be saved and that is Yahushua / Yeshua / Jesus.  Whatever name you call Him, I believe He is the Only Son of YHWH and He died on the cross and by His blood we can be saved.  The Bible says to call upon His name to be saved.  Then I urge all of you to read your Bibles and know and love the commands He has given His children.  He wants a holy people who will die for Him and who will prove themselves worthy.

My love is for all of you guys and for humanity.  This little “fringe” site was waking up 25,000 people a day and it all because of the content creators who waged this battle to stop what is happening right now.  We all saw this day coming, we all knew it was coming and it is here.  Be strong, be couragous, and be a mighty warrior for our Father,  YHWH.  There is no fear here, only a promise that our Messiah gave us.  I truly love you all.

Until the end,

John 3:16″


153NEWS.NET Server Rack Theft
153NEWS.NET Server Rack Theft Source: jbossman008 on Youtube


While not shocking, this is reminiscent of the infamous Piratebay raid in Sweden on May 31, 2006, where ‘law enforcement’ officials showed up to the hosting provider and physically removed the servers and hard drives from the premises.


Piratebay Server Raid May 31 2006
Piratebay Server Raid May 31 2006 Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pirate_Bay_raid


As with numerous other cases, the actual pressure for this raid did not come from Sweden, but from the USA. The film industry and movie companies applied pressure and successfully convinced the sovereign country of Sweden to do their bidding, by direct legal force as well as protests, etc. While the legality of piratebay content is still disputed, the ease at which the US can ‘convince’ seemingly any country to shut down content on demand should be terrifying to anyone who respects the freedom of speech. The content was not actually hosted by piratebay – it was simply an index or search engine for the content, similar to Google (which, unlike piratebay, is owned and run by the elites). Once again, the same has most likely happened to the 153news.net website. The servers were located in Australia, which has proven it’s loyalty and subservience to the USA time and time again. Australia has numerous intelligence and other ties to the US. The government of Australia also previously warned the 153news.net staff to remove or disable access to a video discussing the Christchurch mosque shootings, which is another verified hoax. This was done in an effort to stop the masses from discovering the truth about these and other fake shooting drills such as the pulse nightclub and sandy hook drills in the USA from being exposed. The video on 153news.net spreading questions about the upcoming coronavirus vaccine, which we will deal with in a future article, is a major motivation for the government to suddenly pull the server offline as they did just now. While we do not believe the upcoming coronavirus vaccine is the actual mark of the beast or the final way to stop people from buying and selling, it is definitely a test run and will serve as a precursor to the future ‘mark’ spoken of in the Bible, whatever it turns out to be. When released, it will most likely have CRISPR-related modified DNA and other toxins engineered into it.

When your government sends you a letter demanding you take down content from your website which is not illegal / immoral such as the Christchurch shooting hoax, you know they have too much control. One has come to expect this from countries such as China, Iran, etc., but now hosting in any country with close ties to the USA is also a bad move as free speech is under major assault. Now, with the coronavirus outbreak of 2020, these liberties will be curtailed even further. The elites at the top are putting pressure on those below them to ‘speed up’ the program to move towards their dream of a one world order. What was and still is considered by many to be ‘conspiracy theory’, or ‘lunatic fringe’ theology is now coming into plain view for all to see.

What do these illegal raids create in the end? They produce one of two things: They either 1, help shut down the content and voices trying to get the word out, or 2, cause the message to split into thousands of pieces and become even louder. In the case of piratebay, the government’s actions backfired as there were tremendous protests both for and against piratebay, as well as the site itself becoming decentralized, meaning the government can no longer make a phone call or flick a switch to silence them. They now have to deal with hundreds of smaller mirror sites which now provide access to the piratebay database. The same can happen with 153news.net and other sites. We need to stop relying on websites owned by the elites such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They can and DO ban people at will for dissenting views. They are now seen for what they were designed for all along – information gathering, propaganda websites controlled by the elite. We need to create and migrate to websites and technologies beyond their control where free speech can flourish and grow. Some examples of these are bitchute.com, 3speak.online, etc.

Hopefully this will serve as a wake-up call to all those who value free speech and the freedoms we have taken for granted for so long in the USA. As Patrick Henry said, our motto must be ‘Give me liberty, or give me death!’. We must love our countries and do all we can to be a good member of society, strengthening and protecting them. However, when it comes down to a choice between your government and God, you must choose God and His Word. The Bible predicted this long ago and the signs are beginning to converge. If you haven’t already, be sure to get right with the Lord before it’s too late! Here is how:  REAL HOPE



As of 4-4-2020 153news.net is back online with limited content, as the owner Jason is re-uploading content from backups to a new hosting provider. The link is slow so is may take a while for most content to be restored. This story is to be continued…

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