We are a group of Americans who care about the USA and the world and want to get the truth out. We are tired of seeing good people silenced and censored for speaking the truth. We want to be a safe source of honest news and information, and a source of hope, leading people to the truth that Jesus is coming back soon. This is why we exist. 

Why abovetopsecret.is? Because sadly, websites based in the USA are no longer able to enjoy the freedom of speech that they once did. We love America, but know that, unless things change, she will continue to be run by more lawyers, censorship, website seizures and threats against those who simply want to provide their opinion and honest reporting. This is why we chose an Iceland based domain name. They offer solid protections for freedom of speech, and we are glad to see there are still countries out there who value this.

We often are asked if we are associated with the forum abovetopsecret.com. No, we are not. While that forum has some valid content, it is run by anti-Christian staff who have been known to censor and harass many members in the past.

Beware – there are several websites on the net that deal with conspiracy / alternative news. Some, like snopes.com or factcheck.org exist for the express purpose of spreading disinformation and to keep the public blinded by lies.

Some have lost all common sense and you are likely to see / read almost anything. Our content is based on facts and not guesses that are popular at the moment.

Always take what you read online with a grain of salt and do your own research – regardless of the source.