Fake News and the Global Endgame

It is time for Americans and people across the world alike to wake up – stop swallowing the lies being fed to you on TV and start thinking for yourselves.

Is America a great country? Yes, but the country once recognized as the global leader is sinking fast. Why? Because there are liars and bought out stooges at high levels of government, media, entertainment and industry. This is not a game and it is not a ‘fake news’ story. These people are real and they have one ultimate goal: One World Government.

They accomplish their goals in stages. First, they lull the masses to sleep with their meaningless TV shows and programs based on nothingness and propaganda. They keep the viewers drugged, busy and oblivious to what is really happening. Yes, drugs are good for those who need them for medical reasons, but they are poisoning our water, air and food with chemicals on purpose. This is a well established fact.

Second, they ostracize or smear anyone who dares to speak up or take their TV propaganda to account as ‘fake news’ or a wacko conspiracy theorist. Don’t believe us yet? Take a look at YouTube. Why do all the videos offering evidence against the liars on TV immediately get shut off? Because the same people creating this propaganda OWN YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit.  They OWN the oil companies such as Shell, BP, Texaco, Citgo. They RUN the government. They OWN the TV and radio stations. They OWN Google. They control what you see and when you see it. If they identify a website they don’t want you to see, they remove it from their search engine or have the government seize the domain and shut it down.

Third, they try to remove the guns, the primary tool for our defense, from the citizens, because guns provide protection against a complete takeover. The founding fathers knew this. This is why America has the second amendment – the RIGHT to bear arms.

The only way they can succeed in their goals is to keep staging fake shootings like Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Charleston, etc., in an attempt to disarm citizens. Don’t believe us? Open your eyes and research these yourself – don’t believe the parrots on TV telling you the same script of lies day in and day out.

What is fake news anyway? Real fake news is the junk they want you to believe on TV. They created the term ‘fake news’ to discredit anyone who challenges their lies.

Another recent distraction – Russia. They are the latest whipping boy being blamed and used to distract Americans’ attention from what is really happening there domestically. Don’t believe the same people who killed thousands in the towers on 9/11, and also the nunerous witnessses afterwards. These people are not Americans. They do not consider themselves citizens of any other country. They are rich globalists who see themselves as RULERS of countries, not citizens of them. They are parasites that want their own goal – world domination.

We, among many others, once believed and stood behind the liar George W Bush. We once believed the lies about terrorists and other government propaganda regarding 9-11, but later, once we actually looked at the evidence for ourselves, we clearly saw what was happening. No longer were the people protesting claiming that 9-11 was an inside job nut cases, but they were the ones who saw the truth. When we opened our eyes and saw the NUMEROUS evidences implicating our OWN GOVERNMENT, PRESIDENT AND LEADERS, we began to see things differently. There are MANY common sense proofs that make the government story of 9-11 impossible, but here are just a few for you to ask yourself:

1) Why did Larry Silverstein get an insurance policy on the twin towers DAYS before the attack and then demand to be paid billions twice from the policy after they were destroyed?
Answer: Because he knew ahead of time and loves paper money over 3,000 American lives.

Why did Larry Silverstein, who had breakfast atop one of the twin towers every morning, conveniently have an alleged dermatologist appointment that morning that kept him far from the twin towers during the ‘attacks’? Answer: because he and many other members of the elite knew in advance of the attacks and warned each other.

2) Why did George Bush’s brother’s company, Securacom, take over security for the twin towers just days before the attacks, blocking access to the core (center) of the buildings for ‘upgrades’?
Answer: Because they were wiring the towers with explosive charges to bring them down in a controlled demolition, just as all the videos show – they were brought down exactly like other controlled demolitions.

3) Why was a professional demolition expert, here visiting from another country, mysteriously killed after saying he could confirm that the towers were intentionally demolished by experts like himself?
Answer: Because the globalists silenced him, like they do to many others for speaking the truth today.

4) Why did 9+ eyewitnesses to 9-11 all mysteriously die a few days after telling their stories that went against the government story of 9-11?
Answer: the elites want the masses to believe their ridiculous explanation by the few bought off liars that made up the fictitious 9-11 commission report. What a joke it is. They want you to believe that jet fuel can melt steel. In reality it cannot, but thermite, what they used to bring down the towers, CAN. It defies the laws of physics, but is NOT questioned by the masses.

9-11 was not done by terrorists. There were no terrorists flying planes that day. The real terrorists are George Bush, his evil family, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and all others who KNEW about this beforehand and did nothing to stop it. They are the ones who did it. Why? For oil. For money. To pass the Patriot Act. To remove your freedoms. To label anyone against them ‘terrorists’. George Bush passed the patriot act and successfully blamed it on terrorists. Dick Cheney got a major boost in sales for his company Halliburton, selling war equipment for the Iraq war. Donald Rumsfeld raped the US Treasury and got away with millions of unaccounted money – why? Because the explosion at the Pentagon just happened to be where the records for this money were kept.

There WERE two grey military drones that took off from a nearby airbase that were remotely controlled and flown into the towers at the same second a remote detonator was triggered, to make it appear as if the planes brought the towers down. There is footage from that day where people on the ground even notice the planes were unmarked and gray – they were not commercial airliners. This is JFK murder type stuff – it is an inside job where 3,000 innocent Americans burned and fell to their deaths, and the majority of Americans are so stupid, to this day they still believe the people who killed them.

Open your eyes. Wake up. Shut off the garbage soap operas and worthless propaganda shows. Look at the evidence for yourself. You will be disturbed to see how far it goes. Soon it will be too late. Just remember that these elites will use anything to advance their goals. The truth is the most dangerous thing to them. Let’s get it out so people can hear it. Let’s sound the alarm to anyone who will listen – because soon, you will not have a voice to tell them. Your YouTube videos will be shut down, your websites suspended, your free speech removed, your emails blocked.

It has already begun. The recent purges of ‘infringing’ content from twitter, Facebook, Google and other websites is just the beginning. Take this YouTube video as an example. It was a video of an eyewitness describing how there were multiple gunshots heard in another part of the building, on the other end from where Cruz was, which pointed to a staged drill rather than a mass shooting by the lone gunman Cruz. It was removed by YouTube because it told the truth they did not want made public:




What is the end game? To first disarm the public, then remove all privacy and other laws which stand in the way. Next, declare martial law or dissolve the country governments and make all countries part of the new world order (a global government). The global elites actually believe they will control and rule over the world and the few commoners left will be their slaves. When in reality, the elites will be burning in hell and will not have the eternal life they so eagerly pursue. Is this shocking? It shouldn’t be. The bible predicted all this centuries ago.

What can we do? Are we suggesting to overthrow the US government? Certainly not. Anarchy is not the answer – it is what the globalists want. Although the American government is corrupt, it in itself is not the problem. The globalist elite who abuse it for their own purposes are the problem. The American government is probably one of the few systems left that can be saved if the public wakes up. There are many good honest people in all levels of government, from the top executives to the local sheriffs, who care about America and want to have an honest fair world. It is the few corrupt bloodline members at the top who are the problem and once their control is exposed and eroded they can be slowed down. We do not advocate tearing down America and other governments around the world, but rather to expose the truth and begin repairing and restoring honesty at all levels of government. Will this be fully accomplished? Most likely not. However, each person can do their part to help improve and restore the system that was created and intended to be an honest, fair mechanism to ensure all Americans keep their freedoms. You can make a difference!

Wake up while there is still time…


2 Timothy 4:2-4 KJV

2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Jesus is coming back soon!



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3 Replies to “Fake News and the Global Endgame”

  1. This is true, I have seen it firsthand. Search on google for any conspiracy subject and all you will get are hits for handpicked govt backed parrots. If I search for the exact same phrase on an outside country’s search engine, I see pages of websites that have been hidden by google

    1. Absolutely not. Anarchy is on the other end of the spectrum and is not the answer either. There must be a perfect balance of power and freedoms. What we have been seeing for years is a trend towards less freedom and more control. We are not against our government and country – we are trying to preserve and restore it to it’s original purpose. We do not advocate anarchy or a ‘free for all’ mentality. This only causes chaos and no one wins. We are trying to get the word out that people need to remain active in exposing the lies so the truth can prevail. All that evil needs to win is for good men to do nothing. When truth prevails, citizens have more freedom and the government and country are stronger because it is based on truth. Of course, we know we will never have real truth until Jesus comes back because all humans are sinful, especially rulers with the levers of power and money.

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