Google – Why Shouldn’t You Trust Them?

Google, the world’s best known search engine, has been known in the past for their slogan ‘Don’t be evil’. This has long disappeared from the company’s code of conduct as well as from their website. The truth is, this company has been owned and run by evil individuals from the very beginning.

“Bilderberg insider Eric Schmidt, who runs Google, once began a speech at Davos with the words: “I assume that everybody here agrees that globalisation is wonderful.” Sitting in the audience at Bilderberg are the heads of four of the world’s 10 largest financial services companies: AXA, Allianz, ING and Banco Santander. You’ve got to assume that “Can globalisation be slowed down?” is going to be met by roars of laughter and a hail of bread rolls.”



Eric Schmidt Google CEO Bilderberg Conference
Eric Schmidt Google CEO Bilderberg Conference –


The president of Google has been a well known attendee of the Bilderberg group for several years, a meeting of some of the most corrupt and wealthy individuals on earth. This group of individuals and their predecessors are the architects of most of the crises wars and death our countries have experienced. They are devoted to one goal at any cost: a One World Order.

The internet itself, a project created by the US government, has allowed the sharing of information as never before, but has also opened a Pandoras box of lies, censorship and propaganda which is enforced by several companies such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as Google. All these companies are controlled and run by the same elite groups who are responsible for killing millions in years past. Conspiracy theory? No, this is fact. Most individuals are related to the same select bloodlines and own the majority of the gas, oil, media, food, financial and other companies worldwide. The internet allows them to censor and inject real fake news in order to control the masses.

Google has a clean search interface on the surface, but underneath it is loaded with javascript and other unknown routines which run in the user’s browser. While most of this is harmless, they also created the Chrome internet browser which is run by millions across the world, in addition to the gmail service, which captures every word typed or received and sends them to the government for archiving and analysis.

The links between Google and the government are widely known and thoroughly proven. The reason we are focusing on Google is due to their recent actions at censoring content they deem violates their ‘policy’. While some content is removed that truly should be, the majority is only removed to prevent information from being divulged to the public. YouTube, also owned by Google, routinely removes content and suspends accounts for no valid reason, but our main focus in this article is the Google search engine itself. This came to a head a few years ago while the fake shootings were occurring across the USA. Search queries such as ‘fake shooting hoax’ or ‘sandy hook crisis actors’ would show a mix of websites, some being the lying shills owned by the government such as or, but there were also small blogs and real information available on other sites written by real Americans and freedom loving people across the globe. Search Google now for either of these terms. Google has changed their search algorithm to exclude any truth from appearing in their search results as they now call it ‘fake news’. Anything which reveals their agenda is immediately labeled ‘hate speech’ or ‘fake news’ and appears nowhere in their search results. Their goal is to only return results from their ‘approved’ cronies. If you decide to make a website and try to get the truth out, NO ONE WILL SEE IT! See how their plan has progressed? They first get the public hooked and conditioned to use Google to search for information, while the whole time they sell the analytics to the government and make databases of your activities. Second, they create a market to generate income for their one world order executives by selling AdWords to help some websites get better visibility on the Google search engine (these are being censored as well). Third, they then change their search results to only show their approved sites, those who push their agenda. All others are removed and get no traffic, unseen by the public. This was all done by design from the very beginning. Add a digital currency to this and you can see how the Bible’s prediction of not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast can quickly be implemented.

As with the television stations and other big news outlets such as FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, nothing they say can be trusted. They are owned by the same ones who run Google. You need to widen your search if you want to find the truth. We suggest using other search engines, preferably overseas, such as,, and others. We are not suggesting these alternatives are not also influenced by these elites, but they are not as censored – yet. If you perform a search for the search terms above with one of these overseas search engines, you will see hundreds of websites and blogs from real people you would never know existed. It is time to dig deeper and do your own research. Never believe anything from the television, radio or internet unless you look into it for yourself. Times are changing and the end times are upon us. Lies abound and this is all designed to eventually lead society into a One World Government system. The Bible predicted this would occur thousands of years ago.

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