MH17 Crash and The Global Impact

This crash happened several years ago on July 17, 2014. Hundreds of innocent people lost their lives. Yet the reason why the Malaysian plane crashed is still a mystery to this day. On the surface, it seems there is no reason why a disaster like this would occur. Was it terrorism? Are rebels in a war-torn part of Ukraine and Russia to blame? Mysteriously, it has been several years since this sad event and still no one has concrete reasons as to who perpetrated this murder or even more importantly: why. Until now.

The foundations of our theory behind the MH17 disaster are based on deeper sources than the liars on television and radio will tell you – much deeper. You must always remember that TV and radio are owned and controlled by a small, wealthy globalist cabal. A group of family bloodlines who control the majority of the events in our world today. The existence of these bloodlines is established fact, regardless of if you believe in ‘conspiracy theories’ or not.

Our understanding of this event begins with a direct connection to these bloodlines – the Bilderberg group. The Bilderberg group, who began the secret meeting in 1954, is composed of some of the wealthiest and most powerful individuals on earth. Their members have direct influence over banking, commerce, government, education, research, fuel reserves, and much more. Chatham House rules are used in these secret meetings, which means nothing is recorded or ascribed to a specific speaker.  However, there have been leaks of some material from these meetings, as was the case in 1994. A website in France released a partial record of the closing remarks of this meeting and what they contain is startling:


Leaked 2014 Bilderberg Meeting Closing Remarks
Leaked 2014 Bilderberg Meeting Closing Remarks


In particular, look at the first paragraph in this portion of the notes:

Bilderberg Leaked 2014 Notes Regarding Russia
Bilderberg Leaked 2014 Notes Regarding Russia


The Bilderberg members clearly articulate here that they are willing to assassinate personalities opposed to their vision of global dominance. This is said immediately after speaking about Russia and China. Specifically, they mention Russia and say that ‘Russia, which is still causing us problems, should see its problem solved in 2015 as we hope…’. Take note of this in particular. This leak was provided in 2014 by the website lecontrarien, but the actual meeting it was leaked from occurred on May 29, 2014 – Jun 1, 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Take note of these dates.

2014 Bilderberg Meeting - Copenhagen Denmark
2014 Bilderberg Meeting – Copenhagen Denmark


The MH17 crash occurred on July 17, 2014 – only about a month and a half after the meeting concluded. Coincidence? How does this tie the event to Russia and the Bilderberg group? The answer lies in not only the timing, but the date, location as well as the airplane design.

Russia was clearly a target in the meeting notes. It is an interesting coincidence that Vladimir Putin’s airplane and the MH17 airplane are strikingly similar:

Comparison of MH17 and Putin's Presidential Plane Source:
Comparison of MH17 and Putin’s Presidential Plane Source:

According to a story on, at a remote distance, the planes are ‘almost identical’: Report on Vladimir Putin's Plane vs MH17 Plane Report on Vladimir Putin’s Plane vs MH17 Plane


In addition, the flight path of both planes is identical. Vladimir Putin’s aircraft passed through the same area approximately an hour after the MH17 was shot down.

This is interesting, as reports say the missile used to down the MH17 aircraft was launched from the border region in Ukraine from a BUK shoulder fired missile launcher. At this range, whoever fired the missile could certainly have assumed the plane was Vladimir Putin’s aircraft.

We also know from history as well as the leaked Bilderberg notes that this group has a direct hand in civil unrest and wars across the globe, including in Ukraine. This, combined with the fact that no one ever conclusively determined who or where the launch originated points to one of the Bilderberg’s many security services.

In summary, we believe the evidence supports our theory that the Bilderberg group made good on it’s threat to assassinate the main personality and leader of Russia – Vladimir Putin – by having their mercenaries fire a missile from Ukraine at what they thought was Putin’s presidential plane, but in fact turned out to be the MH17 from Malaysia. They then tried to pin the carnage on Russia after the fact by saying the missile was made in Russia but it was actually fired from within Ukrainian territory and could have been made there as well. Russia had no reason / motive to down MH17 – the Bilderberg group’s mercenaries did. Their security services ensured nothing solid came out of the investigation.

While Russia has its problems and does not have freedoms as many expect in the USA and other countries, it is standing in the way of the Bilderberg group’s plans. Putin makes Russian nationalism and self reliance a constant pillar of his policies, and stresses the importance of his country’s stability. The globalists who make up the Bilderberg group are against nations being self reliant. Their ultimate goal is a one world government. In order to accomplish this, they must dissolve borders and recreate them into one government ruled by themselves.

They cannot simply invade Russia as they have done in other countries due to Russia’s large nuclear arsenal, so this was their method of choice.

This demonstrates just how far this group will go to achieve their ends. They have assassinated numerous presidents as well as overthrown governments worldwide and will continue to push for their one world order. Sadly, they do not understand that in the end, their lord, Satan will turn on them also when they have finished doing his dirtywork.

The true King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ is coming soon – are you ready?


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