More Censorship Coming to the USA and World

Parler, an alternative messaging service and rival to twitter, is the latest casualty of censorship by the corrupt US tech companies, ALL of which are under the control of the government and their masters, the global elites. First their app was threatened with removal from the Google play store and Apple app store over Google and Apple’s demands for parler to censor its content. Now amazon, who hosts US government content on their networks as well as having direct contracts with CIA and other government agencies, has also suspended parler from their cloud hosting service.  Since when are Google and Apple the enforcers of other website’s content? They are used to forcing their views on others as THEY ARE AN ORGAN OF THE GOVERNMENT and their elite masters. All these big tech companies are stacked with global elite loyalists. These companies are now being exposed for who they truly are, as they assume they will have unfettered control now that they have successfully stolen the election and illegally elected Biden and the globalist / communist politicians into office. They know the majority of Americans are asleep watching sitcoms and can easily be bribed by offering them a few peanuts of stimulus money to place votes for the globalist politicians. Regardless of who votes for who, they remain in control as the system is rigged. Many criticize Russia for election fraud, but fail to realize we have the same here in the USA – they just tell us we have free elections – overseas the public KNOWS it is rigged.

The USA has been under CIA attack for years, but it is now coming into full view, and the major planned events have not even occurred yet. If you think it is over, think again. All the pieces are being put into place for a global, privacy-destroying, totalitarian system. They are all striving to advance the ‘Great Work’. As has been stressed before here in previous articles,  the globalist masters run almost all big companies, either directly or indirectly. They all send representatives to consortiums such as the club of Rome and the Bilderberg group to discuss and implement their globalist goals. Participants come from a wide range of industries such as financial, banks, presidential, food companies, world governments, tech companies, radio and TV monopolies, big oil, the list goes on. They discuss roundtable ideas and march together in lock step to move the world ever closer to the new world order.

We have been labeled ‘fake news’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ for years, but now the global elites are showing their true intentions for all who have eyes to see.

If there was any doubt that the information we have been telling you for years is true, these recent events should lay those doubts to rest. Most ‘conspiracy theories’ are indeed fact. The citizens of the USA and the world have been lied to for years by these companies, and we are now seeing just how far some of these plans have been crafted. We stressed time and time again how all big tech (Google, MSN, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and several others) are completely controlled by the global elites and all operate in unison to advance the New World Order. We are seeing a global ‘reset’ that has been planned years in advance, now coming to fruition. The Bible predicted these events thousands of years ago and Jesus is coming soon. Here is real hope, in contrast to all the negative and fake news propaganda constantly being fed to us by the liars on tv, radio and the internet: