US Domain Seizures

The internet was first created to share information, ideas and concepts. Since its creation by the USA, it has been transformed into the primary method of communication for millions of individuals, businesses, organizations, and devices. Sadly, it has been taken over by the same group of globalist elites that already control and own the Oil, Power, Military, Television, Manufacturing and Radio industries. Now, they are applying pressure on anyone and everyone who disagrees with their views and falsehoods. We are not talking about content that is truly harmful – we are referring to amateur news sites, whistleblowers, and, simple free speech opinions.

Who are these global elites? You will be surprised to see how far back their generations go, and the unbroken control they have had for centuries, using oil and other monopolies to solidify their power. There is also a constant line of occultic and demonic practices as you follow their family histories, so there is no doubt who they follow – not God. While there is not enough time to go into complete detail about them, here are a few links to get you started:

These individuals are not loyal to any country or people. They are only loyal to themselves and their ever-growing desire for One World Government. Their wish is to de-populate the planet so their families can rule it. Their pipe dream is just that – because they fail to see who is really behind this goal – Satan himself. They too will be thrown in the garbage heap once he is done using them for his goals, but they are too dumb to realize this.

One of the latest tools they now use to silence those online who want to give their opinions is domain seizures. The domain is the address of a website, such as or In short, illegally locking or seizing this name essentially stops your avenue for free speech and keeps anyone from being able to access your site. While there are always a few who post truly illegal content, the vast majority of these seizures were unwarranted and did nothing wrong. In 2012 alone, U.S. government has seized over 750 domain names. They have seized thousands since then. Basically, any domain ending in .com, net, .org, .us, or any US-based domain is vulnerable to seizure with one simple signature from a corrupt US official.

Corrupt US Domain Seizure Notice

The US is not the police of the world, and different countries have different regulations which individuals should follow. Instead of respecting each country’s sovereignty, the US acts like a bully and reaches anywhere they are allowed to shut down content they disagree with.

A recent example of this is the offshore bitcoin exchange,, seized by the US. The domain name is a .com, so it was in reach of corrupt USA officials. The website’s crime? Being a bitcoin trading website. We will go into further detail on bitcoin at a later date, but it basically is an online currency that allows individuals to pay for items and transfer money between themselves without going through the corrupt banks or being overtaxed. Of course, the corrupt officials cannot allow this, so they try to stop it everywhere possible. They routinely blame it on an easy way for terrorists to transfer money, etc. BS – they are the real terrorists! They want absolute control at all times and routinely use the terrorist card to stop anything that threatens them. Remember, it was the US government that begun the terrorist scare tactic by designing and carrying out 9-11. They are the reason you have to go through so much hassle to fly on an airplane – not some terrorist in a cave.

What is illegal in the US is not illegal in all countries. Once you leave the US, US law does not apply, unless you are in a consulate, etc. It is up to each country to determine for themselves what content is accepted and to police their own content – not the US. They do the same with uninvited drone strikes across the globe, but that is for another post. What they are doing is illegal. How would people react if the table was turned and it was Russia that was seizing domains in the US? There would be an uproar of complaints worldwide.

The moral of the story: if you want to have a place for free speech on the internet, you now have to avoid .com, .net, and any other US based domain name. The USA, which once was the home of free speech, is now almost completely run by corrupt lawyers, judges and officials.

BTC-e Domain Seizure by U.S. Law Enforcement Sparks Jurisdiction Questions

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  1. I agree that each country should police themselves, this would make it harder for a globalist government however. The goal seems to be merging all into one.

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